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Summary is a futures education and training service. It does not provide trading signals to its members but some signals are presented and discussed in the chatroom and these signals can be followed by traders.. The chatroom is hosted by M.A. Perry, Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body/bar analysis).

This is an Alexa Wayback Machine image of the website indicating that it has been active and frequently catalogued since 2002.

The website provides a lot of information about trading and about M. A. Perrys’ Wide Range Bar system. Access to the chatroom can gained by paying for access, but it is free for traders who demonstrate their interest and skills in learning the Wide Range Bar trading system.

Futures Track spent about a month learning the trading system and participated in the chat room for about a week.


The Wide Range Bar system is applicable to a wide variety of futures markets, but the trades that are reported in the chat room are primarily on the TF (Russell 2000) and ES (S&P 500) equity futures contracts.

Trading Hours

The chat room is most active between about 9:30AM and 5:00PM Eastern Time.


The public chatroom is free for traders who demonstrate that they have learned about the trading system and who are willing to participate in discussions about the trading system in the chatroom. Traders may earn access to the chatroom by demonstrating knowledge about the volatility-based system that is the fundamental core of the trading system. Traders may post charts demonstrating their knowledge following this procedure. Alternatively, traders may gain access by purchasing educational materials from the website.


The service is primarily focused on education and training. It is not a signal-calling service per se, but some trade entries and exits are reported in the room.

Trading Method

The trading method is extremely well-developed and all traders can learn something from the material shared in the chatroom and on the website. The system is based on inter-market analysis and price action is determined by volatility charts known as wide-range-bars. A summary description of the service is here, and a description of the basic trading strategy is here. A study guide that allows traders to learn about the trading system is here.

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Appendix: Sample Wide Range Bars Chart

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